Why Granny NANNIES

Why Choose Granny NANNIES?

At Granny NANNIES in order to be the best we have to empower our franchise owners from day one with the tools of success. Follow our progressive business model and gain from our experience. Because we cultivate a win-win partnership you will generate the highest profit margin in the home health care industry. Joining the Granny NANNIES family your success is virtually guaranteed!

Providing Superior Home Care

The present day American population consists of more than 40 million seniors. With a growing need for proper long-term care, the demand to find a reliable home health care agency is on the rise. Granny NANNIES' number one priority is ensuring that clients receive the home care they require and deserve.

A Proven Business Model:

Granny NANNIES wasn't developed around a franchising business model. Granny NANNIES began by learning how to conduct a successful business and we have since replicated its success for our franchisee partners. We can teach you exactly how to succeed because we've done it ourselves. Our proven model, start-up systems, marketing philosophy, packaging and training program give Granny NANNIES owners the tools needed to be a successful provider of home care services.

Getting Licensed:

Our considerable real-world experience with the highly-regulated nursing agency licensing process is applicable nationwide. We know what it takes and with our guiding expertise you will be up and running quickly.

Our Training Program:

We know that most of our franchisees are new to this industry – and that's OK. Granny NANNIES helps ensure your success from the moment you sign on. You start with our pre-training check list of all necessary steps for establishing a new business. You'll even get training at our corporate facility in Orlando and on-site training at your new location, where we even assist you with your grand opening. We're with you every step of the way - we constantly provide support and education to keep you at the forefront of the senior care industry.

Marketing & Technology:

In our existing territories Granny NANNIES is nearly a household name – everyone knows who we are. Our catchy jingle is broadcast though our television commercials and our print media is second to none. Plus, we understand today's market and the value of having a strong internet presence so we even employ an in-house team of web professionals that keep us current and out in front.

Community Support & Public Relations:

We have existing, long-term affiliations with nationally-recognized organizations like the American Lung Association. Our public relations assistance will guide you to earn recognition as an eldercare expert in the community and expand your network of healthcare industry relationships.


After reviewing the information on this website, simply complete our Franchise Application & Self Assessment Survey and email it to Diane@grannynannies.com. A representative from Granny NANNIES will contact you to discuss your interest. You can also call for more information at 1-800-31 GRANNY (62669) or e-mail us at Diane@grannynannies.com

The Granny NANNIES Difference

Low costs + high revenue = maximum profit.

Granny NANNIES has positioned itself to be the most lucrative franchise company in the industry. Compare our franchise fees and check our track record... every one of our franchise partners is successful because of our proven business model.

Granny NANNIES VS The Competition:


  1. Low franchise fee of only $25K
  2. Royalties are based on net revenues NOT gross (equal to roughly only 2% of gross)
  3. Low overhead & start-up costs ($70K on average to start)
  4. Large territories without invisible barriers typically based on 2 counties
  5. Training is one week at the corporate office, one week at your location, plus your grand opening
  6. Assistance with highly-regulated licensing that is now required in most States

All the above is a recipe to benefit the franchisee.

The Competition

  1. High franchise fee of $35K+ for each and every territory
  2. Royalties are based on gross billings (typically 7% of gross)
  3. Higher overhead & start-up costs ($90K on average to start)
  4. Small territories that have invisible barriers based on census
  5. Training is only one week at their corporate office
  6. Very basic help going through the process of getting State licensed

All the above is a recipe to benefit corporate.

Granny NANNIES offers the largest territories available.

Large Granny NANNIES territories.

Larger market territories mean more clientele for our franchise partners. With us your protected territories are entire counties. Plus, you won't pay extra fees when you are ready to take on additional areas. At Granny NANNIES your advantage for growth is rewarded with success.