Home Care Franchise - Our Process

Our easy 7 step process to owning GrannyNannies franchise!

  1. Contact GrannyNANNIES for more information
  2. Submit your franchise application & franchise self assessment form
  3. Meet our leadership team and review application
    • You will meet the key players of our company that will be your support team
    • You will learn more about the Granny NANNIES process
    • You will learn about the culture of our organization

    This day is designed for us to get a better feel about you and for you to get a better feel about us and our company. This evaluation step ensures that the decision to award you a Granny NANNIES franchise is mutually beneficial.

  4. Finalize your franchise agreement
    • The Franchise Agreement will be signed after you have been awarded a Granny NANNIES franchise. We recommend and encourage anyone who will be part of your experience to join you and partake in this vital decision process. Welcome to the team!
  5. Corporate and new location training
    • Once the Granny NANNIES Franchise Agreement is signed, you will have unlimited access to our proprietary administrative, operational and marketing material only available to Granny NANNIES employees and Franchise Partners. In conjunction with access to our proprietary material we will also schedule your 2 week training program.
  6. Corporate and new location training
    • When you're comfortable to set a start date upon conclusion of your training we will support you in gearing up for your start, initiating the launching of your business and help you broadcast the great news to the community. Utilizing our 20 years of experience to help navigate you through the start-up process is one of the keys to getting off to a good start.
  7. Corporate and new location training
    • The support you get from Granny NANNIES is ongoing and there as long as you want it. Field support, operational assistance, marketing devices andmonthly content to help your business grow is all part of the Granny NANNIES corporate support our Franchise Partners have available to them to give us both an edge over the competition. You are not left to fend for yourself. We are partners when it comes to the success of your Granny NANNIES franchise.